Terms & Conditions


By entering into any business deal with InfiniteVizionz Ltd(Total Web Solution Providers), 113 Boston Road, Croydon, CR0 3EH, United Kingdom., that you are bound to confirm by the terms and conditions listed below.


The standard phase or definition herein refers to the common terms of the business, unless otherwise the context may require otherwise:

·       “Company” herein refers to InfiniteVizionz Ltd (Company Registration No: 7539840 under UK Companies Act) with Registered Office at 113 Boston Road, Croydon, CR0 3EH, United Kingdom and any other Branches, Subsidiary or any other Agencies of InfiniteVizionz Ltd through which Services are sold

·       “Client” herein means the Firm/Company/Individual/Institution/Governmental Agencies/NGOs requesting the Services of InfiniteVizionz

·       “Contract” means the Agreement between InfiniteVizionz ltd and the Client, subject to all these pre-conditions before the commencement of services or business deal. Any deviations to these conditions will have no effect unless specified and mutually agreed in writing by both the parties

·       “Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions apply to each User/Visitor/Customer/Entity to abide by all the Rules and Regulations of the Company which are Governed by English Law. The Contents and Materials contained in this Website are protected by Copyright Act. Any violation like Plagiarism or Reproduction in any manner (Wholesome or Part) without prior written permission for the Company will lead to Infringement of Copyright Act

·       “Project” means the Products (either tangible or intangible) and Services to be delivered to the Client as assigned in the Project Agreement

·       “Project Period” refers to specific time-frame in the Project Agreement for the completion of the Project

·       “Project Agreement” refers to the Agreement signed and accepted by mutual parties confirming the Quotation

·       “Fees” refers to the Charges for the Services to be undertaken by the Company or its Authorised Agencies for the completion of the Project. 50% of the total charges has to be paid to the Company in Advance by the Client and the balance 50% after the completion of the Project

·       “Quotation” is the Price Quote for the specific job sent to the Client based on their requirement along with the Terms and Conditions. This is not a binding agreement unless a Contract is signed between the Company and the Client. Usually Price Quotation is valid for 2 weeks (14 days) from the date of Quotation unless otherwise agreed upon by both the parties

·       “Order” comes into existence after Quotation is mutually acceptable to both Company and Client. Then the Client raises the Purchase Order to the Company agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions of the Company. It is a legal offer by the Client to avail the services of the Company. After the acceptance of the Purchase Order both the parties enter into a Contract Agreement

·       “Services” refer to the Services slated in the Project Agreement to be provided by the Company to the Client under Contractual Obligations

·       “Third Party Service” means some or part of the Services provided by Third Party Service Suppliers which may deem necessary under Contractual Obligations

·       “Discretion” means the Company reserves the right to avail any Third Party Services for any Project without the consent of the Client. The Company also can at any time Add, Remove, Edit, Alter, Re-design or Amend any Material/Content and also to monitor, suspend, revoke or even limit access to the Website 

·       “Arbitration” of any Legal Disputes will have to be contested only in London Jurisdiction and as per English Law, wherever the Client may by located

. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties



1.1  The Constituting Part of the Agreement is referred to as specifying the Terms and Conditions and the Project Agreement together with documentation will constitute the Entire Agreement (i.e.) “Agreement” between the mutual parties in lieu of the Sales and Services

1.2  The Final Agreement supersedes all other previous Agreements entered between the Company and the Client pertaining to the said job even by writing, email, representation or any other statements made by the Company (it will be automatically disclaimed by the Company) and will become null and void unless otherwise it is brought into writing in the Final Agreement

1.3  For an “Agreement” to come into effect the Project Agreement has to be signed by the Director or any Authorised/Nominated person on behalf of the Company and a Director/Partner or any Authorised/Nominated person on behalf of the Client. If the Client is an Individual then only the Individual has to sign the Agreement

1.4  The Client has to sign the Terms and Conditions as set by the Company before signing the Agreement

1.5  The Company reserves the right to decide in the event of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and the Project Agreement, on whether the Project Agreement will take Precedence or not



2.1  The Company is obliged to Provide Services to the Client as specified in the Agreement

2.2  The Company reserves the right to engage Third Party Services, Associates or Hire Free Lancers if situation warrantees

2.3  It is also the Will of the Company to allocate Costs and Fees to Third Party Service Providers or Associates



3.1  It’s the sole responsibility of the Client to refrain any copyright infringements caused by contents, images and articles

3.2  The Company reserves the right to refuse any material of a copyrighted nature unless permission is granted by the copyright holder to use the material

3.3  The Client is expected to portray exactly about the nature of job (design, contents, images and other add-ons) they would like to have

3.4  It is mandatory for the Client to clear then and there to the Company Technicians of any queries/clarifications/suggestions/feedbacks during the course of the job development

3.5  It is also the responsibility of the Client not to provide with any abusive/objectionable/offensive/obscene contents to the Company for Website development

3.6  The Royalty costs have to borne by the Client for any images or contents they may wish to have to develop their site.



4.1  The Company shall provide all necessary Infrastructure, Logistic and Equipment Tools and whatever necessary the Company is required to perform the Services as entered in the Agreement to perform the Services

4.2  Company is not liable if there’s any delay in subject to the completion of the Project due to any unforeseen circumstances

4.3  The Company will take responsibility of the Quality and Conduct of the work carried out by its Staff and that of its Associates

4.4  The Company shall produce Periodic Reports to the Client as specified in the Project Agreement

4.5  The Company also reserves every right to suspend the job if the Client fails to provide any necessary/relevant information for the Project as required by the Company

4.6  The Company shall not start the work unless the Advance Payment is received from the Client. Likewise only the Client is satisfied after the completion of job the remaining Payment has to made, for their site to go live

4.7  The Company fixes the prices based on the Client’s requirements (i.e.) nature of job and other additional features they may require


5.   FEES

5.1  The Company adopts a uniform Pricing Policy (for any Services) 50% Advance Payment and the Balance 50% Payment can be made by the Client after the completion of the job

5.2  The Client shall pay the Fees as stipulated in the Project Agreement plus VAT and other Duties and Charges wherever applicable

5.3  The Client will be entitled for 10% discount if Full Payment is made upfront




6.1  The Company as a matter of Policy would like to have a Unique Designed Template for the Client and always gives the due respects for Copyright and IPR Acts

6.2  The client is bound to pay for the costs of Copyright Images, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights to be use for their job  

6.3  The Copyright  and Trademarks produced by the Company for sole use of Client’s job will be assigned back to the Client after the settlement of final payment dues

6.4  The Client is bound to procure and produce all necessary Licenses, Documents, Authorisations and Necessary Consents to allow for the use by the Company in Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Copyright before the Commencement of Services

6.5  The Company will not be held responsible for any Infringement on Copyright Issues

6.6  The Client will be solely responsible for all the Liabilities in Legal Expenses, Damages, Loss and Compensation for Violation of Copyright and IPR. Also the Client indemnify the Company from any Breach of Clauses 6.4 and 6.5

6.7 If the Client wants to remove the company name from their website, they will have to pay one time fee of £5000 Excl Vat.



7.1  The Client and the Company mutually agree to keep all Information confidential and undertake not to disclose to any Third Party

7.2  The Company however can reveal with the Consent of the Client to the Associates or any other Entity Assigned if they are involved in the development of the Project



8.1  In the event of Client requesting for Change of Project Agreement halfway, the Company has the discretion to accept or not and can even charge a Fee for the Services already done

8.2  If the Company doesn’t accept the Change then the Original Agreement will be in place

8.3  If for any reason the Change of Agreement incurs additional expenses for the Company then the Client is bound to pay the additional costs



9.1  The Company Guarantees that utmost care will be provided to the Client for the Services entrusted to the Company

9.2  The Company accepts the balance 50% of Payment only after the Client is completely satisfied with the Services

9.3  The Company will not be liable for any third Party Service Providers if there are any defects in the Services though every effort would be made by the Company to the full satisfaction of the Client



10.1                 The Agreement will naturally Terminate at the Project End Date or on the completion of the Project

10.2                 Either Party can Terminate the Agreement on written notice to the other party if it has become Bankrupt or Officially Declaring Insolvent

10.3                 Without Prejudice to Clause 10.2 if one of the Party is in a breaches the Agreement the other Party can Terminate the Agreement

10.4                 Non-cooperation on the part of the Client in providing necessary relevant information to the Company for the Services then the Company has the right to Terminate the Agreement and there will be no Re-fund of        Advance Payment Received by the Company

10.5                 If the Client wishes to Terminate the Agreement then the Advance Payment paid will be Forfeited to the Company



11.1                 Any Legal Disputes between the 2 Parties will have to be contested only in the Jurisdiction of London Courts, wherever the Client may have been located

11.2                 The Contract shall be Governed in all respects by the English Law and the Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of London Queen’s Crown Courts